Monday, March 05, 2007


Word of warning to my fellow Linux users. Don't use the Konqueror web browser to write posts on Blogger. Or if you do certainly don't hit "preview" at any time.


Oh yeah, and someone else is running for city council. Youngish. Likes to run. Bad puns could ensue.

Also, the Fitchburg Pride newspaper is hilariously bad. Many jokes to be made. Especially about religion in the Corner Corner and the written-by-someone's-eight-year-old-brother expose on typing "Fitchburg" into search engines. Hilarity!


Jason said...

What? Linux? Are you a commie? Your career in politics is over. I will never vote for you again, Mr. Unicow, NEVER!

The Unicow said...

Drat! My future in politics is once again ruined due to my choice of an alternative operating system!

Damn you, Linus Torvalds!

Anonymous said...

All I'm saying is that if I wasn't from the area, and I saw the "Fitchburg Pride" with the cover photos they used this week... well I might just have gotten the wrong impression about the, um, orientation of the paper

The Unicow said...

Holy smokes, you're absolutely right!

Also, the meat raffle becomes even funnier in this context.