Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Video games will destroy America!

Al Qaeda are bad. Everybody knows that. But did you know they're promoting nuclear jihad now?

At least that's the story according to the SITE Intelligence Group. Oddly, you'll find no reference to the story on their site now. So here's a quote from the news story:
The FBI warning came as the US-based monitoring group SITE said the video encouraging terrorists to develop and detonate weapons of mass destruction in the US and Europe was posted on an Islamist militant forum.

SITE also released a computer-generated image, showing Washington DC in the aftermath of a nuclear attack, which reportedly appeared on an Islamist forum.
Here's that image...

That's scary stuff! Not only does Al Qaeda want to nuke us, but they also have some highly talented graphic artists in their ranks!

Actually, no they don't. The above picture is a screenshot from the upcoming computer game Fallout 3, which has a post-apocalyptic setting (and which I've been eager to play for just short of forever). If you want to see the original, just go here and scroll down to the shot from May 8, 2007.

Should I even mention how the notion of Al Qaeda having the resources to mount a nuclear attack of that scale is ridiculous? I mean, most nations don't even have the resources to do it, a loosely-organized band of angry (and mostly incompetent) guys living in caves certainly doesn't. Or should I talk about how the daydreamy musings of people on terrorist message boards should probably not be considered actual "intelligence" indicating Al Qaeda's plans?

Nah, the picture snafu really tells you all you need to know about the competence of SITE.

Anyway... thanks, SITE! I feel much safer now, knowing you're looking out for us!

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