Friday, September 19, 2008

Possibly the best quote ever...

In keeping with the tragic yet ultimately entertaining reality that comedians do better at political reporting than fucking political reporters, I present to you this piece from

Yes, the magazine that started off as a cheap Mad Magazine rip-off and eventually went out of business as a print magazine and is now web-only (and actually pretty decent) does better political commentary than all the stenographers reporters at CNN, MSNBC, FOX, and wherever else together.

The whole thing is worth a read, but the reason for this post is the following quote, which is directed to the media itself...
I get that candidates are going to run slightly shady campaigns. I get that, because I’m not an idiot and that’s just politics as usual. I can learn about the shadiness of their campaigns by watching their commercials. They’re going to lie. It’s your job to get the truth and to hold someone accountable when they lie, not just weakly point out ‘Hey, that might possibly be construed as slightly perhaps being not so forward in the field of truth. Let’s take a poll to see how the American people feel about possibly perhaps being lied to maybe.’ Don’t just point it out, do something about it.

Have you ever been fucked violently in the ear? And then your friend comes in and, instead of helping, starts telling you what the guy’s balls look like? That’s you. You’re that friend.

I want you to protect me from getting fucked, and all you’re saying is “Balls, balls balls.”

Thank you, guy who writes for! You have made my day!