Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Queen of the Birthers!

This is really remarkable. I knew that Orly Taitz is crazy, but I had no idea just how crazily she presents herself. This is the person at the head of the whole birther movement!

I can only imagine how insane (or racist) a person has to be to watch that and think "Oh hey, she made some really good points!" Pretty insane, probably.

[Addendum:] In case you're wondering, "Dr." Orly Taitz is a dentist. Which just goes to further confirm my theory that crackpots who prominently identify themselves as "Dr." never have a doctorate in anything even remotely related to what they're talking about. It's all about giving themselves an undeserved air of credibility.

[Addendum 2:] Hey, it's Obama's birthday today! Here is a card for him, courtesy of Progressive Fitchburg's official Chronologically Aware Correspondent!

(click to embiggen)