Friday, October 20, 2006

Gubernatorial Debates Suck

Having been out of town, I've just now gotten the chance to watch the gubernatorial debates. Wacky stuff. This was a terribly disorganized debate, the moderator David Gergen was clearly not up to the task.

Aside from that, the format was terrible. We don't need soundbites, we need legitimate discussions of the issues. I'm fine with having Ross and Mihos involved, but let's have a real debate and not just a test of who can fit the most pithy slogans in 60 or 30 or even 15 seconds.

Plenty of people have already examined the debate (Boston Globe, Worcester Telegram ,Blue Mass Group), so I'm not going to waste everyone's time with an in-depth analysis.

So here's a simple wrap-up. Ross is the most sensible, but stands no chance. Mihos is nuts, and while it's fun to watch him attack Healey, he doesn't really present a positive alternative. Healey is a shrill harpy. Patrick is the most gubernatorial-seeming, but could come across as smug to some people.

I've always thought that assessments of who won depend entirely on who you're rooting for (with the exception of Stockdale's embarrassing VP debate, or Quayle going up against Lloyd Bentsen, nobody thought those guys won). If you're a Healey fan, Healey won. If you're a Patrick fan, Patrick won. I support Patrick, so I say he won. If I really had to try to be objective, Mihos seemed to have the best comebacks so maybe he's the winner.

The debate transcript is here.

I do have one question though: Is Kerry Healey really taller than Deval Patrick? She appeared to have a couple of inches on him, which just seems odd.

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