Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The sheer genius of the Healey campaign

There's a little article in the Sentinel today about the new polls in the gubernatorial race.

After reporting findings like how 61% of respondents reported that Healey's negative tone in recent weeks had made them less likely to vote for her, we're treated with this wonderful snippet:
The Healey campaign also responded to inquiries about the poll in an e-mail.

"The voters need to take a hard look at what Deval Patrick stands for. Deval has no plans for Massachusetts except to raise taxes, lower standards in our schools and put dangerous criminals back on our streets. He's afraid to debate Kerry Healey one-on-one because he knows he is too liberal for Massachusetts," it read.

The statement did not address the poll results directly.
I'm not really sure how that qualifies in any way as "responding to inquiries about the poll", but I love the tone.

Obviously whoever issued the statement carefully analyzed the poll and realized that if negative campaigning is having a negative effect on Healey's poll numbers, the two negatives must cancel each other out and result in a positive effect, which means a sure-fire victory.

It's basic algebra, and it's a brilliant strategy.

Keep beating that dead horse, Kerry. You're doing great!


brian said...

Frank Rich wrote in the NYT Op-Ed on Sunday that (paraphrasing) Democrats have an uncanny ability "to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory". it would seem this race is too far gone to blow, but who knows!

as for her campaign - dead horse is right! it is typically Republican though - tell the lie enough in the hopes it becomes truth...somehow the repetition will cleanse it. i wonder if the party is even helping her at this point or just letting her fail/flail?

1970s Abraham Lincoln said...

i wonder if the party is even helping her at this point or just letting her fail/flail?

The GOP is ditching campaigns left and right that they can't win, pouring money into the close races. I would imagine that if Healy hasn't been cut off already, it will happen shortly - although her war chest is probably big enough that it won't affect her campaign.