Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Wong Won, Donnelly Didn't

See that alliteration in the title? Impressive, huh?

Anyway, per the Fitchburg Pride, Lisa Wong just won the mayoral election with "a mandate-setting 72 percent of the vote."

Holy crap, Fitchburg! Way to go!

Now, I didn't make any predictions here, but I privately had told people I expected her to take "65% easily." Getting 72% actually doesn't even surprise me that much. People who had never taken an interest in local politics before were all over this race. That alone should have told anyone paying attention that Wong had it in the bag all along.

I don't have any information on the other races yet. Hopefully Wong's win means lots of smart people went to vote today (and indeed turnout appears to have been reasonably high). So hopefully lots of good candidates got in. I'll probably write something about all that tomorrow.

Anyway, this is a short post. I just wanted to congratulate Mayor-Elect Wong. Lots of people have high hopes for you. Try not to fuck up.

Update: make that 75%, not 72%. Damn you, Fitchburg Pride!


fitchburg-shuffle said...

Finally, a mayor who looks at issues from a fresh perspective. I believe the three new council members also have the same viewpoint!

I'm proud to be a Fitchburg resident today!

ReallyRachel said...

Not to throw water on the parade, but the pro-Donnelly council majority is about to make us pay dearly for Lisa's election.

The old boys have the votes to put in Conry, Hay or Kaddy as the council president. Jody Joseph has been conducting a phone campaign among all the councilors and councilors-elect. His pick is Conry.

This needn't be war, but come on, guys. Did you not get the message at the polls? We do not want more of the same.

Don't get TOO excited over the bullet votes or lack of opposition. The next election is only two years away and you may as well consider yourselves under constant surveillance by a wide awake and enlightened population.

You need to do this gracefully, transition to the next generation.

In other words, show some class please. We gave you one last chance. We expect you to do the right thing. You won't be getting another one, we promise.


catnapper said...

Way to go Lisa, not even in office yet and the biggest commercial taxpayer on Lunenburg is leaving the City, yup Ron Bouchards heading to Lancater, so much for bring in new jobs!!

Hey I know lets put a potatoe in every stew!

The Unicow said...

Heh, way to validate the results of the poll!

Yes, Wong it obviously totally at fault for things that happen before she's even in office.

Also, you spelled "potato" wrong.