Monday, April 28, 2008

Something actually fun to do!

Okay, my last post was a little weak. Boring public policy meeting + awesome Guitar Wolf video doesn't necessarily = fun.

Let me cut down the focus this time.

Way back in October of 'ought-seven I made a post in which I casually remarked that I had seen "The super-talented 'Scott Beddia Trio' (oddly composed of five people)".

Well, Mr. Beddia (a Fitchburger) found said post and has mentioned to me that he'll once again be playing at DeStare this Thursday night (May 1). This handily coincides with the Fitchburg "First Thursday" stuff, which ought to draw people downtown anyway.

Should you go?

Yes, you should!

"But why should we go, Mr. Unicow?" you may ask.

That's easy. Let me provide you with a list:
  • Supporting Fitchburg artists is good.
  • I guarantee it will be cooler than the creepy clown stuff on tap for First Thursday.*
  • The dude can really drum.

So yeah, go see him! Support local artists, and have a martini or something!

Note that while that's just a video of Scott, the actual "Scott Beddia Trio" (which also contained an excellent guy on 5- [maybe 6-] string bass and a keyboardist who's good with the banter, plus a small horn section that is also good but maybe isn't part of the trio?) will be playing this week.

I couldn't find any handy online videos of the trio, but take that talent and extrapolate it times three (or five? seven? whatever), and you get an idea. See them!

*Guarantee void in Massachusetts and surrounding states

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stah said...

I'm the biggest fan of local music but haven't had the opportunity in the past few years to check it out.

I wish Mud Soup was still around so they could play at Destare! I'd love to see someone try to drink a martini during that!