Wednesday, February 04, 2009

There are punks in Fitchburg?

As a guy with a blog with the word "Fitchburg" in the title, I feel it's my duty to point out all things Fitchburg that deserve your attention. Often, that's in order to make fun of them, but not always.

Anyway, on one of my little forays into "what crazy shit can I find on the web about Fitchburg" I came across a MySpace page for a band called "Fitchburg Punx".

So I made them my MySpace "friend" (yes, I have a MySpace page, produced for a post I never finished about how to make really ugly MySpace pages), and will now proceed to promote them here because I hold a special place in my heart for punk bands and have nothing better to do at the moment.

So, what to say about the Fitchburg Punx?

Umm... they're from Fitchburg. They even have a song called "Fitchburg"! Here it is!

So yeah, that's okay.

In addition to being from Fitchburg, they're also "Punx," which I gather means they're dyslexic punks. Or maybe it's more punk to use an "x" than a "ks" these days. Or maybe it's a tribute to the band X, which I would fully support, especially since they're one of the few punk bands I can still go see and not feel like the oldest person there.

In addition to that Fitchburg song up there, their MySpace page also has a song about wanting to be a Dropkick Murphy (why?), and a couple of covers.

They do a pretty decent cover of the Misfits' "Saturday Night." I suppose that's one of the better post-Danzig era Misfits songs, but it's still a post-Danzig era Misfits song, which means it's sort of inherently blah. The cover of Operation Ivy's "Unity" is better, mostly because it's just a better song.

So anyway, punk band in Fitchburg. Yay!

Oh, and they appear to be playing at the Lucky Dog in Worcester next week. I won't be attending, due to my advanced age and the way that being around teenagers having fun just makes me want to start kicking people in the throat. But you could go if you want.

Hooray for culture!