Friday, September 04, 2009

Crazy people are now driving our public discourse

Several months ago, I posted a video by a crazy person. I mean an actual crazy person, not a hyperbolic crazy person. The video was about Obama, Satan, the swine flu, the NWO, Ba'al worship, the area code 616, and other stuff that crazy people talk about.

That was just a silly little Youtube video. It didn't get a lot of hits, and it's no longer even available. Which proves it was right, and the poster was rounded up by jackbooted thugs in black helicopters.

But I digress.

The idea behind that post was "ha ha look at what crazy people think!" It's funny* because nobody could possibly take it seriously.

It's a whole hell of a lot less funny when crazy people have their own tv shows that get millions of viewers. Yet that's what we have here.

This man is either the most dedicated satirist ever, or someone whose brain is so muddled he's turned to finding conspiracies in every little bit of art and architecture he walks by.

In closing, Barack Obama should be ashamed of himself for going back in time to make all these terrible communist / fascist / progressive (the words are interchangeable) works of art!

* Admittedly, not all that funny.