Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pointless Primary Provides Predictable Poutcome

So, yesterday's primary election for councilor-at-large is over. Ron Dionne lost, despite having a fancy book on city council procedures or something.

He probably shouldn't have spent his time on FATV whining about the former mayor and complaining that the primary cost thirty grand to get rid of one person. Instead, he should just have dropped out and saved the city thirty grand. Dumbfuck.

This outcome is surprising to nobody, especially if you read the psychic predictions of Mr. Lincoln.

Per the Sentinel, the breakdown went like this:
  1. Stephan Hay
  2. Thomas Conry
  3. Marcus DiNatale
  4. Dean Tran
  5. Rosemary Reynolds
  6. Michael DiPietro
  7. Robin Streb
  8. Dan Mylott
  9. Stephen Seney
  10. Robert Boutwell
  11. Ron Dionne (eliminated)
Personally, I like exactly two people on this list (Streb and DiPietro, though I have a certain fond sympathy for Boutwell). It's depressing to see lunatic Rosemary Reynolds above them, but it's pretty nice to see Mylott and the deeply-irritating Seney down near the bottom.

Thus ends the obligatory boring-as-fuck post-pointless-primary post.