Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!

Well, I'm back from an interminable 10-day trip to Texas over the holidays. The highlight is reflected in this adorable picture of two meerkats at the Fort Worth Zoo. About 30 seconds after I took this picture they started having angry sex and making some horrifying noises. Children scattered. It was great!

I returned with a horrific cold, and in this sort of state I have a tendency to wander over to "Save Fitchburg". I made the mistake of looking at their poll today. It's about who you'd vote for for mayor if the election were held today. Horrifyingly, Ted DeSalvatore is way ahead. Not that I expect any less from the nice folks who visit Save Fitchburg, but yikes!

So, out of nothing more than antihistamines and spite I present my own poll:

How big an idiot is Ted "Liberty Walk" DeSalvatore?
Really super hugely big, like crazy big man!
Very very large indeed.
Big, really big...
So big he eclipses the sun.
Bigger than Jesus.
I think he's a very reasonable person, and you're an asshole for making this poll.

Only one vote per person please, this isn't the Sentinel & Enterprise.

Also, happy New Year!


Susan M. said...

Welcome back. Nice meerkats.

By the way, do you have an rss feed? I was looking through my local blog feeds and I don't have you on my list.

matt said...

Hi Susan, thanks.

Yep, there's an RSS feed for the blog. It should be at http://progressivefitchburg.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default

I am using the beta Blogger software, which apparently can sometimes be a bit quirky with feeds and such.

Also showing up on leftyblogs as of this post, though my meerkats got dumped to the nonpolitical "all posts" part listings. Go figure.