Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Very Reasonable Man May Run For Mayor

Good news, people! Very reasonable (not batshit insane) person Ted DeSalvatore might run for mayor!

At least that's according to an article in yesterday's Worcester Telegram. It's not so much he's running for mayor yet though as it is that people just really, really want him to:
“I have had people ask me to run for every office: mayor, senator, governor and even president,” Mr. DeSalvatore said with a chuckle.

Mr. DeSalvatore, a first-term councilor from Ward 4, said he was floored when several of his supporters recently stepped forward and asked if they could throw him a party to thank him for his outspokenness on several issues facing the city.

The supporters, who have formed Team to Elect DeSalvatore, will hold an event on Jan. 27. Details will be forthcoming.
Take the Team to Elect DeSalvatore (aka TED) lightly at your own risk. They've already got a kickass website up really lame website they took down [updated 1/19].

It's hard to argue with the man's qualifications. After all, he's a first-term ward councilor. Also, he's a vigilante!
DeSalvatore admits he regularly walks through neighborhoods in his ward which have a reputation for drugs and violence, often taking videotape and calling the police if he spots illegal activity.
DeSalvatore also acknowledges that certain people often ask him to leave, which he refuses to do.
He says that on one recent occasion, he told a confrontational young man on Elm Street, "I'm going to be back here every day just for you."
DeSalvatore says he is only fulfilling the promises he made when he ran for City Council last fall.

I must have missed the part of his campaign when he promised to walk around invading people's privacy and harrassing young people. Which is a shame, because I would have loved to see people's reactions.

Whatever the case, if he does run for mayor it should make for some fantastically surreal debates. Go for it, Ted!


cleghorn said...


A friend of mine told me I should look at this site.

I did and I find it extremely bizzare that a former city official would lower himself to such levels.

These aren't writings of a well balanced person, I think if you had any thoughts of running for office again, these would destroy all chances you may have.

Having been a resident of the city for over 15 years,I have seen your work on the council and can't understand what has happened to you.

matt said...

Dear "cleghorn",

You have me confused with someone else. I have never been a city councilor, nor do I have any intention of lowering myself to run for office in Fitchburg.

Are you one of those crazy "Save Fitchburg" refugees? They all seem to think I'm someone I'm not too.

Thanks for visiting!

matt said...

Actually, one quick clarification. "Lowering myself" to run for office in Fitchburg was a joke.

I'm glad there are people around who are willing to do such jobs, and respect them much the same way (only slightly less than) I respect sanitation workers and the guys at the water treatment plant. I wouldn't want to be one of them, but I'm glad they're there.

So cheers to the former city councilor with whom I apparently share a first name. If my rantings can be mistaken for his then he's got my vote if he ever runs again!

cleghorh said...

I for one would not support you if you chose to run again.

Jason said...


How could he choose to run "again" Didn't you just read the comments saying that he is not the person you think he is.

Anonymous said...

Great idea a new blog! What a tiring site Save Fitchburg has grown into god forbid if you post some common sense that the blog bullies do not agree with.
By the way Cleghorn is another wannabe candidate for Mayor Ward 2 Councilor.

Good work keep this blog alive!!

Barney Fifer said...

Ted for Mayor are you kidding, he's a nutbag!

First order of business:weekly press briefing - all residents please report to the Gilmartin Center and be issued your own Fitchburg Gat- 9mm!

Ha Ha Ha holy cow batman I've fallen and can't get up over the thought of wacko mole Ted being Mayor he's a 100 % nut job!

1970s Abraham Lincoln said...

Despite his protestations to the contrary, Matt is on the city council. The secret city council.

While the ne'er-do-wells of the public city council play their harps on FATV and regale passersby with homespun tales of folksy Irish wisdom, a secret cabal plots the real business of the city.

Hidden away in long-forgotten steam tunnels below Monument Square, these shadowy figures conspire fortnightly to enact their own sinister agenda.

You'll get your Route 2 connector alright. A connector to hell!

matt said...

Damn you, 70's Lincoln!

Go back to your own time and stop giving away my secrets!

Ellen said...


You were such a fine young man, what happened to you? There is no need to act up like this.

matt said...


Okay, that's enough crazy people thinking they know me now.

It's nice to see that Ted's got the support of the delusional and paranoid community wrapped up, though.

ellen said...

Did I say you were the former Councilor?

ellen said...

Please don't be so paranoid!!