Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Seriously, who could ever vote for this guy?

More Crazy Ted time!

I honestly don't go out of my way to find these things, but for some reason it's hard to read anything in the Sentinel these days without finding Ted DeSalvatore doing or saying something ridiculous.

Today's example comes from an article on The Compound nightclub getting shut down early by police:
Police shut down the Compound nightspot about an hour early Sunday morning because of an argument between two women which looked like it might "escalate," Sgt. Glenn C. Fossa said.
Pretty standard stuff. The Compound has had a few incidents in the past, and the city's License Commission has been critical of them lately so I suppose that closing an hour early is sort of newsworthy, even though there were no arrests.

But it doesn't make for a very exciting story. And how do you spice up a boring article? Call Crazy Ted!
Ward 4 Councilor Ted DeSalvatore, a former supporter of downtown's now-defunct Club Karma, said clubs which feature hip-hop will always face an uphill battle.

"I know that tends to bring in the clientele that can be a little tough to deal with it [sic], you know they just have to be a little more vigilant," DeSalvatore said, explaining that Club Karma's staff could not handle the sometimes violent crowds he said hip-hop music can attract.
Okay, I'll grant that a club that plays hip hop may bring in a younger and therefore more rowdy crowd than one that only plays John Tesh and Kenny G. But who in their right mind really thinks hip hop attracts "violent crowds" these days? It's about as mainstream as mainstream gets.

The Compound's web site says its upstairs features live bands, comfortable seating, and pool while the downstairs is "Hip Hop, Techno, and Top 40 Dance". Yeah, that's some hardcore gangsta shit there, alright.

Now, just blaming hip hop for violence would be dumb enough, but Ted rarely stops there. No, it's time to take it to a ridiculous and dangerous extreme!
DeSalvatore said he would consider putting a total stop to hip-hop in the city's bars and clubs, although he wondered if it would be legal to do so.

"If you are going to have regular violence that is due to hip-hop, maybe it should be something that should be banned," DeSalvatore said.
Two big problems here:

One: "regular violence that is due to hip-hop"? Ted, it's two girls fighting in a bar. I'm willing to bet it wasn't over the song selection. It's just possible that the alcohol being served had more to do with the fight than the music being played at the time.

Two: You can't fucking ban an entire genre of music just because you don't like it! Even suggesting such a thing should disqualify you from ever seeking higher office and probably earn you a remedial civics lesson on the Bill of Rights. Then maybe you'd realize that yes, there are some pretty big legal problems with banning music.

The likelihood of anything coming out of DeSalvatore's remarks is slim, but just knowing that he thinks along these lines is frightening. If this man gets any real power the city of Fitchburg is in big trouble.

[In honor of Ted's love of good Marxist hip hop, this post has been written while listening to The Coup's "Steal This Double Album".]


1970s Abraham Lincoln said...

Club Karma attracted idiots, as evidenced by the preponderance of shovel fights in the parking lot outside the club. You can blame that on hip hop, but I blame it on nickel drafts and fetal alcohol syndrome.

Anonymous said...

Well, at least he wondered if maybe it was illegal. Some old civics lessons maybe ringing a bell somewhere in a thick skull.

RupertKnickerbocker Jr. said...

Being a person of superior inteligence, I must say my support in the Mayoral Election would have to be for another very, very smart guy, Mayor Dan H. Mylott .

He has made major improvements in the city, they just haven't showed up yet.

I am thrilled to tell you that I'm the smartest person in fitchburg. People avoid me but thats because I'm so smart.

You will appreciate me someday,or I will get you. Ok time to take my meds...

matt said...

Well, at least he wondered if maybe it was illegal.
You've definitely got a nice glass-half-full attitude. Indeed, maybe it's the first step towards a new enlightened Ted!

cellar said...

Your career in politics is through, through. Another one bites the dust

matt said...

I assume you're talking about my career in politics. Which doesn't exist, since I'm not not and never have been a politician.

Get it through your skulls. I'm an atheist who's not afraid to admit it, that disqualifies me from ever getting elected. This blog does not.

Starting now, delusional comments about who I am or obnoxious "you should be ashamed of yourself"-type comments will just be deleted.

If you have something to say about the original post, go for it. But stay at least vaguely on topic or expect to disappear.

cellar said...
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cellar said...
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