Saturday, October 27, 2007

Donnelly goes negative!

A few months back, Tom Donnelly wrote a thing for the Fitchburg Voice blog.

In it, he had this bit:
Fitchburg is a great city that I enjoy living in. I choose to campaign in a positive manner, discussing the issues that Fitchburg faces, and focusing on the good things about Fitchburg. I have not and will not will use tactics of division and negativity.
Sounds pretty good!

Now go read this post over at Hello Fitchburg.

How times have changed!


brian said...

I propose everyone do what I am going to do with this piece of trash I found in my mailbox. SEND IT BACK, with commentary! Nothing hateful or "negative" - I will simply write on it, "Mr. Donnelly, Lying will no make me vote for you."

fitchburg-shuffle said...

At this point, no mailing will change peoples minds. I don't blame Tom for sending this crap out, he got the money to do it and he doesn't want to be a landslide loser.

Any guesses on the outcome? Is 60%-40% too generous for Tom or will Lisa roll to a bigger margin?

ReallyRachel said...

Hmmm.... another case of open mouth, insert foot. Tom has just demonstrated that he really doesn't want to be mayor. How else could you explain such a ridiculous piece of propaganda.

Let's say for argument's sake that early on in the primary race, many people assumed Donnelly's base would turn out and some of the Wong vote were anti-Desalvo votes to assure a Wong-Donnelly race.

Not to discount all the hard work Lisa did in her door to door campaign, but let's consider my hypothesis for a minute. On that premise, let's hypothesize that Lisa's actual lead coming into the general election was as slim as 60-40 or less.

Tom could have stayed positive, friendly, quiet, and might have eroded that lead into something closer to a neck and neck race by whittling at the edges.

Instead, bad campaign management and poor judgment made him look like an inconsistent dork AND a bully. (I don't think he is either, but appearances count)

Someone should have told Tom the rules of engagement for campaigning against a woman are different in a more socially conservative area like Fitchburg. He no longer looks like a gentleman, which in reality was all he had going for him in this race.

Prediction: after this mailing, the Wong landslide will be legendary.

That's my opinion. Personally I'm voting for neither, for an altogether personal reason that Lisa is by now aware of. No big deal, just one vote, but it's mine. It won't be missed in the landslide.

Prediction: 68% Wong, 29% Donnelly, 2% blank, 1% other.

Tom - the truck is ridiculous. What a dumb idea. But thanks sincerely for trying.


1970s Abraham Lincoln said...

Tom has just demonstrated that he really doesn't want to be mayor. How else could you explain such a ridiculous piece of propaganda.

I was about halfway through writing a really long and considered response before I realized that the entire situation could be summed up like this:

Tom Donnelly = Boss Hogg

Lisa Wong = Them Duke Boys

fitchburg-shuffle said...

Roscoe - Cronin

Enos - Union Head

Cooter - Whoever owns Donnely-Tron

Uncle Jesse - This old guy who lives down the road with a white beard who I'm convinced has a moonshine still out in the woods.

ReallyRachel said...

If anyone's interested, I posted some candidate endorsements at the Fitchburg Voice Blog:

And if not, well it's a free blogosphere! :-)


the bartender said...

I have been using the Hazzard County reference for years. It's irrational, but I feel like you stole it. Oh well, I'll get over it. My characters are more dead-on anyway. I'll be keeping them to myself, but trust me, they are WAY funnier.

fitchburg-shuffle said...


When you line up a jump shot on a pool table, do you make the sound on the General Lee's horn?

Did you have goldfish named after every member of the cast?

I'll bet you tried to convince your father to weld the doors on the family sedan so you would have a real reason for climbing in and out of the windows.

I'm just kidding. Dukes references are timeless and should be enjoyed by all. I'm waiting for a DVD of the various seasons of the show.

BTW, when ever you pass by a motercycle cop, do you call him Ponch?

ReallyRachel said...

Prediction (no bets unless you're buying dinner....)

Councillor At Large rankings will wind up:

1 Tran
2 DeMartino
3 Conry
4 Hay
5 DiNatale

6 Cruz
7 Cormier
8 Reynolds
9 Carbone

Any takers?


the bartender said...

No, too obvious. John Baker.

ShitStorm said...

Reallyrachel take your meds!

Annie is nothing more than a wind bag, balance a checkbook for the City yeah righ. Let's talk about her business going bellyup, maybe she'll do the same for the City. I'm tired of the bullshit shes been spreading for the last 15 years. Toss her ass out the only thing she wants is another government pay check.

Well no surprise you support the other bag of wind old Tom Conry hinself, what the hell has he accomplished except the secret saturday meetings at the Cleghorn Coffee shop with the other City boys, bastard should be hauled in front of the ethics board and toss out of city governement on his ass!
He's a bag of wind blowing across the council chambers, the only things he's done is blame old danny boy for everything. Conry is a faker!

I'll take your other picks they seem very reasonable and all have the interest of the City first.

How about the Ward 6 bag of bullshit ever call and ask him to help with anything. Living in Ward 6 all my life he is by far the worst we have ever had.

VOTE BLANK Ward 6 Councilor.

ReallyRachel said...

How do you really feel?

Have a cuppa. You might feel better. It's great for the blood pressure.


The Unicow said...

Hey, I like Annie DeMartino! She has an awesome accent!

Incidentally, I'm not "endorsing" anyone. I think it's pretty clear who I support here. Plus, um... I'm a goddamn blogger. Who really gives a shit who I endorse?

fitchburg-shuffle said...

Not that anyone gives a shit who I endorse, I'll do it anyway.

Mayor- Wong: Do you really think Tom will find the dough to hire a CFO @ $100K+

At Large- in order: Tran, Conry, DiNatle, Hay, and Cruz: Annie will finish a close 6th.

Ward 1- Clark: Sorry Kev, you just don't have it (touch with reality)

Ward 4- Starr: Seney's legal issues are obvious and he hasn't offered any solutions to problems, just a lot of rethorical bullshit.

Ward 5- Solimito: Tough call here. I'll take the lawyer/cop over the jake.

School comittee 4 year- Cragin, Chittick and Rousseau: Check out Chitticks web site and read his story. This guy is sharp!

School committee 2 year- Reynolds: Stephens talks about his experience as a principal and is a nice guy but ask anyone who ever worked for him, he did nothing! His VP's did everything.

Some may not like my support for Hay and Conry but Steve, while arrogant, knows how to deal with the issues, and Tom wants to be a part of fixing things and will devote all of his time to do so.

Have at it kiddos!

catshit said...

Lisa come on the jigs up where do you really live?

How many days/nights do you spend in the burg?

Don't you really spend all your time at your home, in Lancaster!

That's why really really rachel quit your staff ain't that the truth?

Come on level with the voters tell the truth.

rabbitreporter said...

Well, well, well, old blow bag councilor conry was stuffen his face and blowen some wind in yet another secret meeting at the Cleghorn Coffe Shop. Seems old windbag and some other councilors are kissing ass for preident votes.

News flash old tommy boy YOU are part of the problem not the solution maybe your number will be off on Tuesday and it'll be kicked to the sidelines for your ass.

The Unicow said...


I deleted your first comment, because I don't think the people who rent their home in Lancaster from Lisa would be super-keen on having their address online.

And yeah, she doesn't live in Lancaster. She couldn't run for mayor of Fitchburg if she did.

Nice job exposing the scandal of a mayoral candidate owning rental property though! Shocking!

ReallyRachel said...

catcrap said "That's why really really rachel quit your staff ain't that the truth?"

A bit short on the truth there Mr./Ms. Feces.

For the record: I have never met Lisa Wong. I most definitely have never been on anyone's campaign staff (at least not here, locally). I never endorsed either Wong or Donnelly. Therefore there was no "quitting", no "about face", no "change of heart", no "turnaround" .... So, any of the several screennames who want to use my personal independent choice to vote for "none of the above" to slam one or both of the mayoral candidates, you're S.O.L.

Catstuff, you don't like someone's stand on the issues, comment on that. But do your homework before you shoot those poison arrows. Sometimes they ricochet.