Friday, March 21, 2008

How not to promote a propaganda film

So, there's this dumb propaganda film named Expelled coming out next month that will promote Intelligent Design (AKA creationism) and make the ridiculous claim that evolutionary theory leads to Nazis.

Of course, in order to avoid the appearance that they're just a bunch of anti-science nutbags, they couch the film in spurious claims that "Big Science" has unfairly censored ID proponents.

They also got a bunch of respected evolutionary biologists to appear in it by misrepresenting the purpose (and even name) of the film.

Then they held screenings for friendly audiences (read as "church groups").

Then for some reason they held a screening in the same town where the annual American Atheists convention was going on. Oops.

Then one of the biologists who actually was featured in the movie (and thanked in the credits) tried to attend this free screening, but they wouldn't let him in. Oops again, since they're claiming to promote free discourse of dissenting ideas (or something).

Then they really fucked up.

Oh well!

Now here's a totally unrelated video! Happy Good Friday!


The Unicow said...

For anyone confused by that link, Richard Dawkins is widely considered to be one of the most influential and well-respected evolutionary biologists in the world. He's also a tireless campaigner against the foolishness that is creationism.

He's also the author of the best-selling book "The God Delusion" and if it could be said that atheists had a leader (we most certainly don't) it would probably be him.

The Unicow said...

And here is Dawkins' review of the film.

Man, it doesn't sound very good. Not even for making fun of.