Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Is it just me, or is the Sentinel improving?

As is often the case, I've been readings bits of the Sentinel & Enterprise today. I only do this a few times a week, because normally it's an infuriating process. Editorials full of pointless liberal-bashing, horribly biased articles, etc. It's enough to drive one mad.

But today something seemed different. I read editorials and found myself agreeing with many of them! Even more amazing, they seemed to be better-written than what I've seen in the past!

On top of that, the articles weren't all stupid! What's going on?

Well, I do know that they have a new publisher. And he started on March 17th (so a week ago). Here's the Google cache of the article about him, since it's been moved into the S&E's archive of stuff you can't read.

I haven't worked in the newspaper industry, so I don't actually know how much influence a publisher has on content or style, and I have no idea if he's responsible for this week of relative respectability. Perhaps he's the impetus for the paper turning around. Or maybe the writers are just on their best behavior right now because they have a new boss, and things will go back downhill.

Whatever the case, I hope it keeps up.


fitchburg-shuffle said...

Please don't tell me you now have a soft spot for the Sentinel! Your rants against my bird cage liner are some of my favorites!

The Unicow said...

Definitely not.

But it did seem a little better this week, didn't it?

Or am I just seeing things because I know there's a new publisher and I'm hoping he improves it?