Tuesday, November 04, 2008

John McCain needs my help!

A few weeks ago I went to this page on John McCain's website.

I was going to make a humorous sign that said "I am Joe Lieberman, the human embodiment of phlegm" or something like that. They were then supposed to email it to me, at which point I would chuckle softly to myself.

But since they're dirty liars, no sign ever came and I merely ended up on McCain's email list!

I remained on the mailing list, because some of the emails are hilarious. Also, they're not nearly as long or wordy as the ones from the Obama campaign. Because most McCain supporters are barely literate.

Today's was a little weird, though. They actually sent me a list of people and phone numbers and a script for calling people for GOTV purposes. Here's what it looked like (with the phone numbers obfuscated by me):

What the hell, McCain?

I can maybe see automatically sending ten strangers' names and phone numbers via email to people who actually volunteered to help the campaign. Or maybe even people who had donated money to it.

But they're sending these emails to me because I was trying to do something fun with their broken-ass website and had to use my email address. That's just screwed up. I don't want to know who these people are!

I realize no actual human beings want to do GOTV stuff for McCain, but to send this stuff out to everyone and beg them to help is just sad.

Also, doesn't McCain realize that the GOP is supposed to do voter suppression? It's the Democrats who actually try to get people to vote, the Republicans are supposed to try to keep them from voting. Poor confused man.

Anyway, if anyone wants to know of ten people in Ohio they can call and ask to go vote for Obama, let me know.