Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Why you need to vote today

Here's a collection of comments left on the S&E commenting forum by local idiots.

This is the reason you need to vote. Never mind the hope and change and all that. You need to vote because there's a good chance that these people are going to vote. If you don't, they get their say and you don't.

So here are some people whose vote you can feel good about canceling out.

From the S&E's endorsement of Obama:
  • "Obama = the next anti christ"
    - by "Friend of Dino"

  • "Tea and crumpets for everyone!

    President Bush was talking about the terrorists and their sponsors. But he might just as well have been talking about all you hate America morons at home."
    - by "Hate America crowd"

  • "You are spinless jelly fish coward! Obama will make a mockery of the principles this great nation was founded on. You've never fought for anything, I can tell by you cowardly attitude. Please stop insulting my brothers in arms, They fought for you and of course you have no thanks or respect. War is the answers in Al Iraq, you would be **** and thrown in a ditch. 40 million liberated and no respect"
    - by "dan leominster"

  • "since when is a newspaper that is supposed to be unbiased media coverage supporting anybody in a campaign! It certainly doesn't shock me that this newspaper is doing this, but they will NEVER receive another dime from me. The media is electing our next president...you and I and our votes are quite secondary...just remember it when the sh^t starts flying. Support for any election by a media source isn't what was intended and I'm surprised more isn't being said about it. "
    - by "Bruce W. Marien" (who has apparently never noticed that newspapers offer endorsements at every election and have done so pretty much forever)

  • "It will be a sad day next tuesday if the socialist gets elected. The last president that raised taxes during a severe recession directly preceded the great depression and I feel that will happen again if these socialist tax policies are put in place. [...] If this monster is elected nex tuesday, you can change our name to USSA (United Socialist States of America. "
    - by "Fitch Resident"

  • "November 4 could usher in a sequence of events that have everything to do with the survival of western civilization. [...] Al Qaeda has a bead on the US and they recognize our vulnerable situation. They realize that our president is paralyzed and our democratic congress will be complicit and even helpful in our own demise. They will be very careful to keep their intentions under wraps until after Nov 4. Their dream scenario will be Obama in the White House, as CINC and the reelection of a surrender-first congress. They know that a major attack on US interests before the election will virtually assure McCains election and maybe even boot out most of the cowards in the democrat congress, that would not serve them well. Look for an attack after the election and before Bush leaves office. They would love to attack us on Bush’s watch but only after we have safely installed their man in the White house. This attack will probably occur even if McCain is elected but the following scenario will unfold if we elect Obama:"
    - by "Stamos" (who has scary terrorists hiding under his bed)

On an article about children's mock elections:
  • "Vote Obama/Palin if you want a clean White America! Let's support the supreme master race above all!"
    - by "Independent Racist"

On a really terrible article about Question 2:
  • "Who wrote this question? The Federation of Puerto Rican drug dealers. This is just a front so they can divide their dope into an ounce or less and not get charged with dealing. Behind every weed dealer are harder drugs such as coke and heroin." - by "Concerned Citizen"

  • "YOU'RE the moron if you think for a second that ANY Defocrap is going to give a tax BREAK" - by "TTT" (what the fuck is a "Defocrap"?)

I could go on like this for awhile, but won't. Suffice it to say there are a lot of comments as dumb as, or dumber than, these. And the people making these comments are going to vote.

Vote. Or else.