Monday, March 09, 2009

And then there were one...

Remember a couple of weeks ago when some crazy lady announced she was running for mayor against Lisa Wong? Well, she's not anymore.

Yes, Rachel Rosenfeld is out of the mayoral race, probably because of that evil shadow government that hates free speech or something.

Actually, here's her stated reason:
Rachel Rosenfeld announced Sunday she is dropping out of the mayoral race, saying her health is not good enough to continue.

"I'm not afraid of dying, but I am afraid of dying on the job and letting people down," she said.

Rosenfeld, a local blogger known online as "Really Rachel," suffers from a rare neurological form of sarcoidosis that limits her to a wheelchair and affects her breathing.

Rosenfeld's condition has been stable in recent months, but a visit to a doctor in Boston Tuesday revealed her condition could worsen at anytime [Sic], she said.
Oh no! Who could have possibly seen this coming?

Allow me to quote myself...
Now, here's a prediction for you.

At some point before the primary (assuming there is one) Rachel will drop out. It might be because Tran enters the race, and of course Rachel isn't going to run against her special buddy. Or it could be because she's gotten enough ego-stroking out of her little crusade and doesn't want to suffer the humiliating defeat she's bound for. Or it could be because everyone's treating her campaign as a total joke and she discovers she needs to drop out due to "health problems."
Now, I'm not saying her health problems aren't real. But I am saying that pretty much any illness "could worsen at any time" and that it's an awfully convenient excuse to drop out of a poorly-planned publicity stunt of a mayoral run.

So, let's wish Rachel a not-so-fond farewell by quoting one last little bit of insanity before we go right back to ignoring her entirely:
"Things are going to continue to get worse," she said. "Right now we need a leader of people."

The next mayor need to see the residents of the city for who they are and value each life, she said.

"This city is made up of human beings, not dollars and cents," she said.
Yes, Mayor Wong, please stop selling the residents of Fitchburg to be ground up as dog food! What the hell is your problem?

Anyway, Godspeed you crazy ex-mayoral candidate! May a new lunatic take your place soon!