Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Civic Engagement, Ahoy!

I'm not in a huge writing mood, so I'm going to pass along something that relates a bit to this post from last week, in which I demanded that non-crazy people run for office.

Truth be told, I enjoy the crazy people. They just shouldn't be elected to public office. Therefore, we need at least a few competent and sane candidates to actually elect while we're being entertained by the crazy ones.

So why not you? *

School Committee member Sally Cragin sends word of a civic engagement dealie that she and former-candidate-for-city-council Shaun Cormier have put together (Update: and also Ryan McNutt, whose name isn't on the damn flyer for some reason). Here's their flyer!

(Click to embiggen)

Prefer Spanish? They've got you covered!

(Click to embiggen)

So why not attend and get some tasty refreshments while also doing your part to make Fitchburg a better place? You don't even have to be interested in politics, since much of what they're going to be talking about isn't really political, it's just good old-fashioned volunteerism.

I also recommend that if you're interested in an elected position, then you should bring along a couple of crazy friends that you can convince to run against you. They'll make you look better by comparison!

* I'm assuming here that you are not crazy. If you actually are crazy, then please pass this information on to your caretaker, or perhaps a smart friend.