Tuesday, September 18, 2007

An Answer! Ted's Unemployed! And a Liar!

Okay, wait a second. Before you start thinking I got a response to my email to Ted DeSalvatore asking what his job is, I didn't.

But there's an article on him in the Telegram, and the reporter sort of almost kinda did!

To quote:
He has owned a home remodeling business, video transfer operation and computer technician service. Currently, he’s taking a break from teaching computer repair at the Peterson School in Woburn to focus on running for mayor.
See, he's not unemployed, he's just "taking a break... to focus on running for mayor." It makes perfect sense!

Oh wait...

The Peterson School hasn't offered computer repair courses since December of 2005. But as I noted at the time, Ted formed his "exploratory committee" to look into running for mayor in February of 2007.

For those of you bad at math, that's roughly fourteen months after he would have last been teaching at the Peterson School.

Doubt me? Well, let's just look at archive.org and see the old course schedules!

First, though, have a gander at the current course schedule (Google cached because the site is unresponsive at the moment). See any computer courses at all? Nope, me neither.

To the wayback machine!

Here's how the schedule looked on April 6, 2005. It does have a "Computer Service and Support Technician Including A+ Certification Prep" course listed. It even links to this page which in turn links to this PDF, which is the source of that horrifying mustache photo I've used in the past. So there's Ted, back in 2005.

Funny thing though...

If we go forward to May 13, 2006 we find a couple computer courses listed, but this time we find "No class offered at this location" for them. See?
Incidentally, that top link points back to the same old mustachioed page from 2005. It wasn't updated for 2006.

By April of 2007 the course is totally delisted, and obviously remains that way. So yeah, he hasn't been teaching since 2005.

That's a hell of a long time to "focus on running for mayor"! Fourteen months by my count prior to even forming an exploratory committee.

Also, if you'll recall, Ted's website still says:
Teacher of computer related courses: For the last eight years, Ted has taught computer service & networking courses in area colleges and private schools.
That very clearly suggests he's currently employed in that field. Or at least that he was employed in it very recently. A year and a half of unemployment makes you a "former teacher", not a "teacher". For that matter, was he even in this area for the last eight years?

No, he wasn't.

I don't even care that much that the guy's unemployed (if he can honestly live off his wife's income then good for him). His dilettante-ish employment history looks pretty bad though. And generally speaking, I'd rather have someone in office who's demonstrated a work ethic and stuff like that.

But when you get down to it, my real problem is that he's a huge fucking liar.

P.S. The rest of what Ted says in the Telegram article is also highly mock-worthy. But this is my second post this morning and if I don't get some work done I'm going to end up unemployed just like Ted. Someone out there please pick up my slack.


JustSayNoToDeSalvo said...

More discrepancies. He's now claiming to be married 19 years but together 25. His wife is 42 with two children by a previous husband named Skinner. That would have put her at 17 when they ran off with the two step-kids, who incidentally do not speak to him and didn't invite him to the son's wedding in Utah a couple of years ago.

Odd math.

And what's this about living in Texas?

Nowoco said...

Thanks for the tip, Unicow. So much information to think about. How do you get $6000 in debt? and I can't imagine his events bringing in that much money -- was he charging $20 for the beer? I have to believe that the people who really care about him have got to be cringing at this point. He's alienated such a huge swath of the city, but with "the best of intentions."

He will be missed. You wait and see....Just not by me...

Erica said...

Unicow, don't let me down here. Since reading the hysterical T&G piece yesterday, I've been eagerly awaiting your full analysis...

The Unicow said...


Argh, there's too much to write about! The Ted article, the hilarious article about the Ward 4 debate thing, and now I find out that the Sentinel contradicts the Fitchburg Pride on campaign financing!

Blogging is hard. Well, pretending to work while blogging is hard anyway.