Sunday, September 02, 2007

So, What's DeSalvatore's Job?

It's mystery time!

If we look at Ted DeSalvatore's website we find a lot of mysterious empty spaces in his employment history. Fine, no problem. What's past is past. We also find this statement:
For the last eight years, Ted has taught computer service & networking courses in area colleges and private schools. Ted is certified in the state of Massachusetts to teach computer related courses and has been hired to save failing courses and curriculum in "drop-in, take-charge environments." Ted has headed course development & classroom design which include, advanced curriculums. As a teacher and Director of Computer training, he has created advertising campaigns and was the lead agent in the direct marketing of those courses.
Well, that's a job. Right?

Yeah, if it exists. Oddly, DeSalvatore doesn't bother to tell us where the hell he supposedly teaches.

Maybe it's Monty Tech! I heard he taught there at one point! Sure, it doesn't really qualify as a "college" or "private school", but it's worth a shot!

Hmm, he's not in the night catalog. The website is pretty bad, so I couldn't dig up the day courses, but let's assume he doesn't appear there either.

Area colleges, eh? Mount Wachusett Community College is one of them! Drat, doesn't show up there either.

Fitchburg State? Yow, that's a bigass course catalog! Not one mention of DeSalvatore though.

But wait! A Progressive Fitchburg Operative has sent me something!

(Click on these for full-size)

Just for kicks, let's enlarge one part of that first page...Holy crap that's quite a mustache! Also, it's definitely Ted! Teaching an A+ certification course and apparently threatening to shoot a motherboard with his finger-gun!

For those of you who aren't familiar with IT certifications, an A+ certification basically means that you know the difference between a CD tray and a drink holder. If you've used a computer for more than a few years you can probably pass it yourself. Still, it's evidence that at one point he did teach something!

Of course, these images date from the Winter 2005 semester. Which I'm told is the last semester the Peterson School actually offered computer courses. Drat! It's another dead end!

I've checked a few other sources, but results are inconclusive. Suffice it to say that if the guy still has a teaching job, I can't figure out where the fuck it is. That's not to say he absolutely doesn't have a job doing such, but I can't find it.

As such, I sent Mr. DeSalvatore an email asking him to let me know where he teaches. Here it is in its entirety:
Dear Mr. DeSalvatore,

Your website doesn't specify. Could you please tell me where it is that you do your computer-related teaching?

Thanks very much!

Best Wishes,
The Unicow

I got a speedy response from a bot saying "We will be contacting you soon unless a response hasn’t been indicated." Sweet! Soon we will have an answer, and the mystery will be solved.

Stay tuned!


JustSayNoToDeSalvo said...

Isn't that a 386 on that motherboard?

I heard that he told people he learned all there was to know about computers holed up in a two room apartment in Natick with only his cat Sweetiepie for company after his wife left him for not having a job.

So he "networked" himself into a part time (four hours per week) job, found a foreclosure to buy in Fitchburg got 100% financing, moved himself to Fitchburg with a trailerload of boxes, bought some furniture at yard sales and talked the wife into coming back to him. (His story according to the people we hear from).

A few re-fi's later and he's Mr. Mayorwannabee. Now that the mortgages are higher than the house value he's scrambling. If he doesn't get the mayor's salary he might have to get a real job to stay out of foreclosure. If he thinks Patterson and RedLine will continue to foot the bills when he loses the primary he's smoking the wrong rope.

We'll be interested in the response to your email. He'll come up with some song and dance, either employed by CAP Services LLC as you've said or by one of the Red Line Wall Systems entities.

Maybe he's actually being paid to stand out on the street after midnight and stare in the neighbors windows. It does seem to be a full time occupation.

Nowoco said...

I actualy can't type I'm laughing so hard about all of this. You guys are woodward and bernstein, not the lame feebs who screwed up on iran-contra. I keep thinking that Ted can use the extra signs to repair that ramshackle dogpatch at Essex Street, when the time comes. Let it be soon......

The Unicow said...

What's the Red Line Wall Systems connection? This is the first I've heard of them.

ReallyRachel said...

I have been forwarded some comments from another site that are pertinent here to this string.

Those comments are erroneously addressed to me, and "accuse" me of being Unicow, JustSayNoToDeSalvo, Fitchburg-Shuffle, Nowoco, and others.

The deleted attempted posts apparently are either from DeSalvo or one or more of his supporters. What is pertinent to this string is that the chronically underemployed DeSalvo or his goon states in some of those comments that I am a "social sponge", "unstable" or "on meds."

As some of the comments state the "the gang at the diner" believe I am responsible for all of the anti-DeSalvo websites, I hope you don't mind Unicow if I address the gossipy sleazebags right here.

I want to be perfectly clear.

A) I am not John Westlake, Unicow, or any of the other individuals who have expressed that they are not a DeSalvo supporter. To say otherwise is idiotic.

B) I use one screen name, I have one blog, and most people know my identity BECAUSE I HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE.

C) Unlike Mr. DeSalvatore, MY family not only speaks to me, they love me and they travel long distances to visit me. We are in touch daily by email and phone.

D) I do not now, nor have I EVER received ANY kind of social service or welfare assistance. Not subsidized housing, not fuel assistance, not food stamps, NADA. I live with private funds in the private market.

E) I don't sponge off of a spouse, family, friends, political supporters or anyone else.

F) Even after becoming physically disabled with a VERY long term illness, I founded a business (that deals with physicians, by the way), supported myself and was a homeowner until last winter's exacerbation that cost my home and my ability to walk and be totally physically independent.

G) I am willing to wager that I have paid more in taxes in my lifetime than DeSalvatore has seen in total income from employment in his.

H) Personal information here, but I don't mind sharing, particularly since DeSalvo and his followers have some difficulty distinguishing between physical and psychological impairment.

I have an extremely rare disease called Chronic, Progressive, Systemic Sarcoidosis, a disease for which there not only is not a cure, there is no treatment other than "prayer and chicken soup" to quote one doctor.

I receive care in Boston because of the complexity of this multisystemic disease, which has now been complicated by myocardial and cerebral infarction (heart attack and stroke for those who can't understand the big words), and dysautonomia (another rare disorder in itself.) My body no longer works like it should, but the stroke was thankfully nowhere near the cognitive center of the brain. Sorry to disappoint you, but the intellectual gift is still intact. And the docs and healthcare staff love to see me coming because I cheer them up.

Ted-like, the posters seem to equate physical challenges and wheelchairs with mental health disorders. Perhaps this is the only kind of "disability" with which Mr. DeSalvatore and his gang of ruffians are familiar.

I'm no Professor Steven Hawking, but I can only imagine how he would be treated by DeSalvatore's particular brand of hoi polloi.

I have held my silence because I was gratified to see that others saw some of what I saw when I was near DeSalvatore - a pathetic, ambitious, bigoted, hateful, mean, inciteful (not insightful) and less than intelligent individual who is hell bent on destroying what's left of our city to feed his own ego.

Because DeSalvatore and his goon squad do not know how to get to the anonymous posters (number growing daily, I see), they choose to target the one person who has visibly opposed him in broad daylight. It must be especially frustrating because the attempts to shut me up have not worked.

At any rate, I have nothing further to say on the subject than today's post because these young guys are doing a wonderful job of putting the spotlight on DeSalvatore and his evil zaniness.

I chose to spend my limited energies promoting a positive Fitchburg. Folks know where to find that blog. It honors those who have built Fitchburg and who have served, and it encourages those with positive ideas, intelligence and energy who have a vision and hope for Fitchburg.

I'll leave the investigative reporting and funpoking to the folks with the energy and creativity who do such a good job.

Now, why don't you print this out and take it to the "diner" and have one of the boys read it to you. For myself, I have asked the NTDS administrator not to send me any more of the deleted comments. I don't care to listen to or read the ramblings of "street trash."

Here's a suggestion: find something CONSTRUCTIVE to do with all that spare time, Ted, like finding a JOB!

Sorry for the long diatribe, Unicow. This "housecleaning" primary election can't come soon enough.


The Unicow said...

Just a quick note on Rachel's long-ass post there.

I wasn't sure whether to let her through moderation or not, since it's both sort of off-topic and (unfortunately) unlikely to change the minds of the people who've been equating her with pretty much everyone who comments here.

I did let it through because she might as well have the opportunity to defend herself somewhere and I thought some of you commenters might like to know that you too have been called Rachel by crazy people!

That being said, she's bowing out of this thing. Good luck to her, but let's not focus on it either. Back to the matter at hand, folks.

I did get an email from someone explaining Red Line Systems' involvement (which I can't verify independently), basically fingering them as the big money backers. So that's that.

1970s Abraham Lincoln said...

Isn't that a 386 on that motherboard?

You might be right. I haven't seen a CPU fan that small in probably 7 or 8 years.

...with only his cat Sweetiepie...

Is his cat's name really Sweetiepie? Because that would be awesome.

JustSayNoToDeSalvo said...

Still eagerly awaiting the non-automated response to your email, Unicow!

Hey Ted - got work?

Man what an awesome Labor Day weekend this has been! Just think a whole holiday set aside to honor people who work.

'70s abe linclon, real name. You don't even want to know his wife's cat's name however.

finalnotice said...

I don't have the 'Ted' file right in front of me, but I did some research at the request of a Fitchburg official and the Redline connection is valid. One of Ted's posse owns Redline, along with about a dozen other local LLCs. That I could find still on file, Ted's bankruptcy in NY created a hole that he has a hard time explaining.

fitchfamman said...

any idea where Ted may have lived before...? I think some FOIA requests sent to the local courts / pd of those communites would turn up some interesting info. How was his bankruptcy discovered...any idea where it was filed? I'd love to see what a FOIA request for the court records would show...

johnfitchboy said...

I can't wait for the financial disclosure to see how T.E.D. can explain the sign "gifts".

By the way Team to Elect DeSalvo equals T.E.D.
Ted's name is Ted E. DeSalvatore so
Ted's initials also equal T.E.D. this is really way too much.

JustSayNoToDeSalvo said...

fitchfamman said...
>>any idea where Ted may have lived before...? I think some FOIA requests sent to the local courts / pd of those communites would turn up some interesting info. How was his bankruptcy discovered...any idea where it was filed? <<

In the interests of fairness, lots of folks file bankruptcy and I'm not going to hold that against him. I know the person who discovered it who dropped the hints that caused the Sentinel to find it and DeSalvatore to do the damage control. Perhaps he was embarassed and wanted to come here to start over, but when you get into politics it's usually best to do a full disclosure upfront to diffuse issues before they become a big interesting mystery.

Apparently his legal name is Theodore Edward DeSalvatore. The bankruptcy was in 1997, filed in Western New York, Rochester, Case number 9721186.

He has numerous prior addresses in Seneca Falls, NY and environs, as well as the river marina in Deland FL (Show Boat Marina).

I am not aware of any criminal background so I actually do not understand what people mean when they say he can't get a gun permit. Maybe he hasn't tried or maybe he doesn't need one.

I think many of us are quite interested in that financial disclosure. I am particularly interested in why someone running for mayor of Fitchburg needs to draw financial and political support from Leominster.

johnfitchboy said...

T.E.D. does not need a gun for many reasons, many of which are more apparent than the fact he is not sane. Example according to the mustache photo his finger is a gun.

Picking up all those "gift" signs will be a full time job after the primary. See Ted is a foward thinker.