Thursday, September 20, 2007

Shut up about the stupid signs already!

There are a lot of protests going on these days. Anti-war protests, civil rights protests, important stuff like that.

Not in Fitchburg though! Here we have dumbasses protesting the DPW doing their job.

Yes, paranoid schizophrenics gathered en masse (well, actually just about 20 of them) yesterday to protest the imaginary persecution of Ted DeSalvatore's illegally-placed campaign signs. Though they pretended it was about freedom of expression and not just a stupid publicity stunt for Ted.

You know... fuck it, this is just too stupid to even write about. I'm getting a beer.

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ReallyRachel said...

I've dealt in the facts and held my temper, haven't actually CALLED DeSalvatore the asshole he is, but after this latest "protest" I feel personally entitled.

How can even 20 of our fellow citizens (from the pictures not all of them are old enough to vote) be so brainwashed and blindly misled by this crackpot with an entitlement complex?

How dare this jerk protest "freedom of expression" when he threatened to sue a blog owner for "libel and 'character assination' if he didn't shut me up and prevent me from commenting on that blog. (Happy to share the email from the blog administrator to anyone who challenges.)

How DARE this jerk use the terms "political bigotry" and "respect" when he calls people a 'gook', 'nigger', 'kike', 'street trash', uses a pornographic phrase to make fun of a Greek-American's last name (his opponent in the Ward 4 race two years ago), when he states that the homeless are perfectly content dumpster diving for their dinner - all verifiable so don't bother to hand me the "Rachel is attacking poor defenseless Ted" bullshit.

Again, verifiable - this EVIL and divisive bully lives off of his wife and whatever "financial aid" he has received from "supporters", trains his video cameras on the neighbors' doors and then reports their comings and goings on the blogs, demeans good citizens who have participated and volunteered and contributed to the betterment of Fitchburg for decades.

Here's your freedom of expression, Mr. D:

This hateful crackpot needs to be in a padded cell, not walking the streets of our city. He's a user. He's a con artist. He's a carnival act. He's a bully. He preys upon the worst instincts in his glassy-eyed followers and creates a mob mentality reminiscent of the brownshirts of the 1930s and 40s.

Ted E DeSalvatore is barnyard muck that needs to be wiped from our shoes - but good - come Tuesday. Even so, it will be a while before we erase the stench he has created here.

It's time for a return to the decency that has always prevailed in Fitchburg. Lysol, brooms - and, truly, Shalom