Saturday, October 25, 2008

Everyone endorses Obama!

Well holy crap.

Going against type, the Sentinel has endorsed Obama. Sure, they also ran two syndicated editorials slandering him at the same time, but still!

It was already pretty clear that conservatives who actually have a shred of intelligence have defected to Obama, but apparently even parts of the crazy base are falling for Barry now.

Just off the top of my head, Republican defectors to Obama include Colin Powell, Bill Weld, Christopher Buckley, Christopher Hitchens, Scott McClellan, Lincoln Chafee, and a bunch more.

Hell, if circa-2000 John McCain suddenly time-traveled to 2008, he'd probably endorse Obama too. Which would explain all those "Obama is awesome!" ads the McCain campaign put out earlier this year.

So who likes McCain? Well, there's Joe Lieberman. Also this idiot:

That's not very good company.

Vote for Obama, the choice of non-crazy people everywhere!