Friday, October 31, 2008

Liars for Kurt Hayes!

So there's this whole kerfuffle going on in the Benson/Hayes race in the 37th district. I was going to write about it last night, but I got distracted. I didn't really feel like it anyway.

However, today I discovered some dipshit commenter lying about Benson in a comment on my earlier post about Kurt Hayes. You have him/her to thank for this post. (*)

See, I'm not heavily invested in this race. I wrote about it before primarily because Hayes' secret agenda is disturbing and deserved to be publicized a bit. I will write about it today because I really, really hate liars. And there are a lot of them involved in all this.

Okay, on to business.

There have been two articles in the Worcester Telegram lately about a conflict between the Benson & Hayes camps.

The first was titled simply GOP group’s tactics blasted. Here's the gist:
At issue is a House bill that would take $450 million from the state’s stabilization fund, divide it up and return to the 352 cities and towns. It would be a one-time transfer, and communities would have to function without it the following year.

Ms. Benson said the Republican Town Committee in Shirley, a district town, released a statement on its Web site claiming that she is opposed to returning the money to the cities and towns. Mike Mackin, her campaign manager, said the Shirley town committee took a statement made at a debate, cut it in half, and fabricated her stance on returning the money.

“They knowingly made it up. I guess that’s what you do when you can’t win based on an honest discussion of issues,” Mr. Mackin said.
Seriously, this was a dumb thing to complain about. The Shirley RTC clearly has a Capuchin monkey of less-than-average intelligence running its website. It could have been ignored and we would have all been better off. Alas, this was not to be, and now everyone's pissing me off and I'm writing a long post about it. Grr!

Here's the offending bit from the Shirley RTC website:
Jen Benson with her elitist and condescending attitude, [Sic] saying in one instance that she was not clear on releasing the 450 million to [Sic] then later supporting it saying that BEACON HILL said the local officials were not smart enough to realize this was a one time increase…
Blah blah blah "elitist" blah blah blah bullshit. I can't even put in all the [Sic]s that deserves, because you wouldn't be able to read it.

So this barely-literate thing above is an issue of contention. Because it's a lie. You can see what Benson said for yourself, though it's not exactly exciting viewing:

Basically yeah, she supports releasing the money. Pretty clear.

What was Kurt Hayes' response?
Mr. Hayes said last night he had no idea what Ms. Benson is talking about, and has no input into what goes on the Shirley Republican Town Committee Web site. He said he was the driving force to get the bill to give the money to communities placed as referendums on local ballots in all six district towns.

“She has stated that she is in support of it, but I’ve not seen any evidence of that,” he said.
Apparently that guy sitting right next to Benson in the clip above wasn't Kurt Hayes. Or maybe he didn't bother paying attention to what she was saying. That would explain why he has no idea what's going on. Was he high, maybe? That might explain why he thinks that Benson stating she's in support of it doesn't count as "evidence" that she supports it.

Or he's just a liar.

That article was later followed by the aptly-titled State Republicans weigh in to bolster attack on Benson. Here's the attack:
[State GOP douchewad Barney] Keller contended that Ms. Benson has said in videotaped forums that some legislators are against the one-time transfer because the money would be gone the next year, yet could be figured into operating budgets for future years. He said she needs to reveal which legislators took this position.

What the hell kind of lame attack is that? They're whining that Benson wasn't specific enough about something she said? Something that's totally unrelated to the issue at hand, which is that the Shirley RTC was lying about her stance on releasing that money to local communities.

Oh, it's not really an attack at all. It's a "we got caught lying so this is how we'll cover our asses" move.
“Jen Benson should immediately disclose which legislators she talked with (who) don’t trust cities and towns to handle receiving millions of dollars in local aid. The public deserves to know which of our legislators don’t trust our communities to handle tax dollars. If she will not disclose who she has spoken with, then she should apologize for her outrageous negative attack on Kurt Hayes,” Mr. Keller said.
Oh? Why the fuck should she disclose this to you? So you can run attack ads against them? So you can twist their concerns about temporarily inflated budgets around into not "not trusting our communities"?

Because it's not like it matters. And it's not like it's the issue. Way to try to change the topic! How about condemning the lies of your own party? No? Didn't think so.

The Shirley folks have a little update about all this. Allow me to reprint it for you!
NOTE; The Shirley Republican Town Committee would like to clarify one portion of our endorsement and comment

1. We are deeply appreciative of the Benson team taking time in their busy election effort to review our web site.
Sarcasm? All well and good if this were on a blog or something. But on the official Shirley Republican Town Committee website? Not classy.
2. The WORCESTER T/G [Sic] indicated they tried to contact the "Chair, who was unavailable for comment" [Sic] A false statement as the chair was available on 28 October 2008, [Sic] all evening when the contact was supposed to have been made.
Damn that liberal media!

Wait a second, where does that quote come from? The article from the 29th only says: "Ms. Dumont could not be reached last night."

Maybe it was updated after the fact? Someone with a hard copy of the paper want to check that out? Or maybe it's just another lie...
3. We are providing a link OFF OF Ms. Benson's Web site, EDITED by the Benson people. The readers may go to that link and view exactly what Ms. Benson said and did not say and like all people desiring to be educated voters, make up their own mind based on Ms. Benson's own words
Listen, people. If you're going to run a website, learn to write. The link is not "OFF OF" Benson's site. It's on Benson's site. It's only "EDITED" in the sense that it's a segment of the debate instead of the whole entire thing, which nobody would ever bother to watch anyway because it would be painfully boring.

I think the second sentence of that part was written by a Nigerian 419 scammer. Or Jerome Corsi.
4. We also note that Team Benson did not provide a full tape of the Shirley Debate or the two questions in the Lunenburg Debate referencing the lottery funds in general. Nor did they respond to Bensons [Sic] endorsement of expending taxpayer funds on illegal's [Sic] nor any of the other funds she desires to expend and the spending she wants to expand in the current Massachusetts fiscal crisis. The RTC STAND behinds [Sic] our endorsement of all three candidates as listed below, for the reasons listed below;
Why the hell should team Benson provide you assholes with anything? They could give you every bit of footage out there and you'd just claim she was holding something back.

You're the people making the ridiculous claim. You're the ones who have to back it up. If you can't back it up, I'll just keep calling you liars. Because you're liars.

Also, learn how to fucking punctuate.

Let's round up all the liars!
  • First, there was my dumb commenter.
  • Second, there was the Shirley Republican Town Committee.
  • Third, Kurt Hayes is either a liar or just incapable of paying attention to what his opponent was saying during the debate (so a moron).
  • Fourth, that Keller guy from the state GOP didn't so much lie as try to draw attention away from the lies already being told by whining about something totally unrelated. Still gets listed for being an accomplice.
That's a lot of liars! And they all support Kurt Hayes, the choice of lying assholes everywhere!

*Note to dipshit commenters: This isn't Save Fitchburg. I have a very low tolerance for liars and idiots. I very rarely delete comments, but will do so without hesitation if you really piss me off. More likely I'll just make fun of you for being an idiot. Either way, don't waste your time. This picture is all you get.

**Note to non-dipshit commenters: I love you guys. Thumbs up for you!