Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fitchburg even better in make-believe world!

It's a lazy Sunday and I'm not in the mood for political ranting, so instead I'll just relate to you what I've learned from my Harry Potter-enjoying brother.

Apparently the big sport in Harry Potter-world is Quidditch. Like all things nerdy and imaginary, it has an impressively long wikipedia page.

Anyway, JK Rowling wrote a real book about this fake sport, called Quidditch Through the Ages, which my brother read. Apparently there aren't a lot of US teams engaging in Quidditch (according to my sources there are two).

But what's the big impressive US team? Why, it's the Fitchburg Finches!

So there you have it. Fitchburg not only has a world class bike race, it is also home to the 7-time champions of an imaginary sport! Suck on that, rest of the country!